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Modern Miss. Marple


Miss Marple 8.5 x 11 Graphite on Paper
Miss Marple 8.5 x 11 Graphite on Paper

I grew up with a lot of Agatha Christie, Ellery Queen and Mystery.  On occasion I even dream a good mystery, although  I would never dare write one.  But, it occurred to me that with all the tv shows out there, we really don’t have a good modern Miss Marple.  Angela Lansbury did pretty well in her show’s charming style, but there isn’t the urgency and the quick intellect that we see in Sherlock Holmes.  Now that would be a good new series.  We do love our older English village types, especially those who can sing…  I for one would nominate this version of a post-modern Miss Marple.  Maybe she could get a gig on the Sci Fi channel and spend most of her time going back in time from the future to today.   That’s assuming the tv-writers thought a good solid modern mystery had no place in the network line-up with-out a time twist.

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