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And Then

Despite dabbling with some other subjects, which is mainly a way of refreshing my visual screen, I find myself “doodling” as it’s been described to me recently, away at abstracts yet again.   But I can’t seem to help it.  I don’t want to help it.  The beginning of new abstracts feel like I’ve been handed lovely little gifts of space to be divvied up, tinkered with and coddled. And once I’ve created the outlines, I simply love the relaxation of simply shading in an area back and forth across the rhythm of tunes overhead. Jazz is generally what I have on.  Classical has it’s own shapes and visual vocabulary for me.  I’ll have to continue my canvas series on those at some point. That wil have to wait until after the portraits.

And Then © Britt Conley

As for this one?  Then is on the left.  And is talking.


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