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And Then

Despite dabbling with some other subjects, which is mainly a way of refreshing my visual screen, I find myself "doodling" as it's been described to me recently, away at abstracts yet again.   But I can't seem to help it.  I…

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Pitcher This

  I was at the antiques market this past Saturday looking about for some still lifes and came across this wonderful pitcher.  Although I've been practicing my realism on various still lifes, I would rather do what I would do,…

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The Race

  Today we went to The Air Force Cycling Classic in Clarendon, a few blocks up from our place. The rush of power when these guys come whizzing by is amazing!  It's tremendous.  So as an ode to all riders racing…

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Fur Bear

    Fur Bear, the great adventurer has been our Newsroom's best friend.   He's been accompanying Newsroom Staff as they go on their week long furloughs to exciting far away places.  I stumbled across him through a friend and like everyone…

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