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Fur Bear



Fur Bear 9 x 9.5" Graphite on paper
Fur Bear 9 x 9.5" Graphite on paper

Fur Bear, the great adventurer has been our Newsroom’s best friend.   He’s been accompanying Newsroom Staff as they go on their week long furloughs to exciting far away places.  I stumbled across him through a friend and like everyone else who has had the joy of seeing him each week on all his new adventures roaming the U.S., I have become a big fan.  Lucky for me, I have him for one night.  He heads back in the morning to go on yet another fun filled journey.   Aside from his awesome suitcase, he proudly holds his passport, ready at a moment’s notice for his next adventure!  Fur Bear deserves a painting… I may just have to do one.  But in the mean time, I am honored to post him as today’s drawing and thankful that I had a chance to spend time with him on and enjoy my very  own adventure.  Thanks!

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