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Abstract Distraction

I have been down with a massive sinus and middle ear infection for two whole weeks.  My right ear finally depressurized today.  It was very exciting : )  I may in fact be being a bit snarky.  To make a long story short, I can finally think without the distraction of ear and neck pain.  So today’s spin around the paper is simply the falling away of bodily distractions.  I hope to spring right back into shape as soon as the process is over : )  I am that stage where I appear to be getting better but wonder if need another round of antibiotics?  Still with swollen glands and sore.  I’ll reassess things tomorrow.   It was great to spend the evening out drawing and not have to come right home and fall straight asleep from the exertion.  So, there is my day.  Hope yours was far more creative, warm and energized.

Abstract © Britt Conley


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