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Christmas Carolers

If there is one thing I miss most about Christmas when I was young it’s the Christmas carolers. Every year they would come and we would joke about how lame or uncool it was and every year I would love it!  I loved the sound, the outfits, the effort, the care and the joy they brought my little heart.  I wanted to grow up and carol for others.  Then, of course the min I hit 15 I joined a rock band and moved on. LOL.  Now I love the holidays and would give anything to fly to London and hear caroling done right – probably on the street corner or in front of St. Martins in the Fields.   Either way, I miss it and I miss not having it readily available.  Christmas Brass of course is everywhere and at least there is that.  Gotta love that : )

Christmas Carolers © Britt Conley

Britt : )

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