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Man’s Best Friend

Man's Best Friend © Britt Conley

I spent an absolutely lovely few days down at Virginia Beach this past weekend at my family Christmas.  It was full of great moments, food, family, and time well spent.  It was also full of dogs!  Great dogs I must say.  My Aunt and Uncle have a couple of Whippets.  I’ve been working on a portrait which includes two of the dogs for a while now.  Unbenounced to me a third was obtained.  I don’t think I’ll be able to squeeze him in this early-staged and heavily-cropped, portrait which seen below:

The Dogs © Britt Conley

The full image includes the sitter and her wine glass and a full abstract background.  Just the unfinished under layers of the sofa and sitter surround the dogs at this point.  I’ve been working out some design issues.  The dogs are virtually done.  Just a few finishing touches on the left’s head and the paw, leg and tail of the front.  Now to get to the rest of the painting!  I’ve been working on this piece off an on for a long time now and am thrilled to be working on it more often lately.  After delivering my other commission this month I was able to get this one back up, in place in front of my books and get out the paints.   So far this month I’ve been working on the pillows and will bring up the sofa over the next two.  I work up from shapes so that I can structure the piece first.  I hope to have this done by next Christmas!

So today’s drawing is about the joy brought by man’s best friend and it goes out to all of you who have or once loved one of your own!

Britt : )

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