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May it bring you as I hope it brings me.

2010 will go down in my history as a date that will only have to be mentioned by a number. There are only a couple of other years that do that.  I could start listing all the things that this year has brought me but you’ve heard it along the way.  2010 didn’t kill me, although it made a good last ditch effort the night before last by landing me in the ER with a kidney stone on top of everything else.  That said, that stone did pass and that makes me the winner.  I could also look back at this year and just look at the losses, those I loved that passed, my life and how it is inextricably different now and of course surviving the year long layoff, the surgery and related long road that laid ahead.  But this year was actually amazing.  I survived.  I carefully kept walking-on and photographing, drawing and painting along the way.  I started a new musical project that will be lovingly tended to this coming year.  I added several people to my life that have honestly lifted my heart.  I am a better, more honest, and even more empathetic person than I ever was, and I was all those things before, but never like this.  This year I’ll will to give back and help those who need it.  I hope to write the greatest songs of my life, paint the greatest paintings and love more.  We are a few short hours from midnight and it will be the best and worst of times as I say good-bye to those I can no longer say hello to (some of whom are my mother, my uncle and numerous friends), and then I shall raise my glass again and start my year of building great things.   So toast all of those you love and then toast yourself.  After all this is our year.  We just have to take it and make it ours. So, write, be, smile and laugh.  Happy New Year!  May it bring you as I hope it brings me.

Happy New Year!!! © Britt Conley

Britt : )

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