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Finding Oneself

So last night we received notice that indeed we are going to have to pack up 16 years of our settled lives and move this Spring before they renovate our apartments.  Our apartment is first on the timeline.  We both just recoiled at the thought of enduring yet another change.  What does this mean for us individually and for us?

The great news is that I walked away from my past this previous year, or rather it walked away from me.  Now, being set adrift a bit, I get to reinvent myself, my surroundings and the means by which I get there.  One thing is certain.  I leave the past behind.   I’m throwing out all those lovingly kept keepsakes that really have no purpose except a memory.  I’ll take pictures of them.  I prefer the tactile exchange with these things but would rather not have the baggage.  I will be downsizing to a new lighter me.  I learned from all those losses last year that stuff is just stuff.  I rather love my stuff, but now I realize… you can’t take the tree with you when you fly.  I want to fly.

So today’s drawing is about me and my attachment to stuff on the left side of the drawing and the road toward a new openness in the future, on the right.  Not many people get to start life over.  I’m taking this opportunity to lighten my load and leave space for all those new adventures to be had.

Today vs. Tomorrow © Britt Conley

Britt : )

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