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The Architect’s Scheme

The Architect's Scheme © Britt Conley

Spent day two hovered over my Gustave Doré books.  The Doré Bible was today’s pick for the trip over to the local coffee house for a couple of hours of serious study.  Oddly while I’m chewing through new ideas I go through a ‘technical’ phase. Usually it’s just one to a few drawings.  It allows me time to think freely about diffusion and the sinuousness of line without drawing those things.  I don’t like to sketch variations of a thing to see what develops while I’m considering it.  The same old vocabulary comes out and tends to deflate the idea before it’s fully formed. Instead free form drawing with nothing but edges and space so that only physical thought is being used to consider space allows my mind to freely roll around it’s opposite while muscle memory and an inherent architectural style builds the page.

My way of silently tapping while I think.  Once done with the technical drawing free think, the new vocabulary emerges within the days ahead through other drawings.  So today’s drawing is my free form scheme used while I chew my next set of building blocks.  It’s time for new building blocks : )


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