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Ok, I’m just an idiot

So, this afternoon I began searching my things for my wallet.  After thoroughly checking my bags, purse, pockets, jacket pockets, in between the sofa cushions, the bedroom, the bookshelves, the car, and under the sofa, I finally began calling all those places I have recently been: the art store, restaurants and the sort.  Nothing, nothing and nada.  I even went over to the laundry room and stopped the washing mid cycle to see if the wallet was in my soaking wet jeans, but no luck.  I had nearly given up when I decided to recheck the laundry load in full while transferring it into the dryer.  Lo and behold there it was… wet and clean as a whistle!!!  All my cards were bright and shinny while the various bills were looking a bit limp and rather peaked.

After the joy of finding said wallet I immediately readied arms out toward the sky in wait to be grandly dubbed an idiot by the Universe’s idiocy fairy.  My view on it?  Yup, I’m an idiot, I deserve this, bring it on.   So, today’s offering is me being appointed to the title: Grandiose Idiot by the idiocy fairy (as seen on right).  I’m hopping this is a temporary condition because I really have to get back to the unfazed life I’ve ordered up for 2011. : )

I dub thee grandiose Idiot © Britt Conley

Britt : )

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