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So today I headed out to a new location to draw.  I figured mixing things up would be a good move.  So, I wandered over to coolest rock club in Arlington: IOTA.  It’s my favorite club.  I love seeing bands there and playing myself.  Without a doubt my favorite venue.  Recently they renovated the club and added a whole new cafe area and began opening at 6:30 AM!

For weeks now they’ve been taunting me on Facebook with status updates such as :

IOTAday – coffee, espresso, sandwiches and space Morning! Doors opened by 6:30 AM–coffee brewed, smelling great, breakfast is ready. Glenn Gould banging out Bach fugues on the stereo. We’re ready for you 😉

Not only can you enjoy a phenomenal day life here, you also get the best rock in town in the evenings.  Juliann Lennon played just the other night!

I also met some friends for lunch there today and found the food was delicious!  I had the Ham and Swiss Smasher : )  It rocked. : )  Afterward, my friends departed, I set up shop for an afternoon of quality drawing time.  The music was great, the table was great, the tea was great and the ambiance was, that’s right… Great!”  I knocked out numerous works and frankly had the most relaxing time I’ve had in a long time.  So today’s drawing is me just mixing things up a bit. I call it Commingling.
Commingling © Britt Conley
Britt : )

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