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Jazz Band

Well, after yesterday’s rather effusive entry I’m ready to move on : )  Visual vocabulary has been percolating for days after setting out to reset my thought process last week.  Today I was able to knock out two new drawings that are quite different from anything I’ve done before.  The other day I drew a great trumpet motif, today I drew the band: loving the stage life and the song.

The Jazz Band © Britt Conley


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  1. You rock Greg! I’m definitely doing my own album covers once my band is together – I’m giving it 2 years… One year to write and transpose all those notes onto various fret boards, 6 months to edit and record a demo to give to my future band mates so they can learn the material and then 6 months to practice together! I’ll still be on drums. It’s safer back there ; ) Then back to live shows I go : ) Amazing what a little ukulele can do : )

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