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Crossroad’s Gallery at Goodwin House

I just wanted to thank everyone for all your support and for coming out to see the works on March 6th at the Crossroad’s Gallery at Goodwin House.  As I said earlier, during my talk, musicians always have a dancing partner.  Generally they enjoying creating in groups.  Even when practicing alone, they still have the … Continue reading Crossroad’s Gallery at Goodwin House

Still fruit

  Still working on technique and style.  Fruit is a great way to work on both.  Tonight is an apple and a pear.   This is the second time I’ve thought I was actually getting somewhere with this drawing.  It’s a slow process, but it’s coming along.


  The anticipation of a rain filled day turned as blue sky suddenly emerged.  Despite this I was going to stay indoors and draw today.  One of the tough things about my schedule is that I get home so late that often I only have time to whip out a sketch.  For that reason I … Continue reading Vase

On the Air

  I got this at work and have been meaning to draw it forever.  After a couple of test runs I am far more pleased with tonight’s version.  This is charcoal.  A bit messier than the graphite I’ve been mainly working with, but it adds more depth than graphite can.  I think some more charcoal … Continue reading On the Air


  Some of my favorite memories before the age of six are playing outside under the magnolia tree of the first house I grew up in on 35th street in Georgetown.  That lovely tree out front has recently gone missing.  I noticed it’s sudden absence the other week while leaving drawing class at the Corcoran’s G-town … Continue reading Magnolias