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So we’re coming up on the one year anniversary my almost death, and the string of deaths of several family, friends and closest friend.  I have slid so close to cliff of death once but thought twice this year and made it through, unfortunately as I was recovering from my medical issues, hanging securely on the ledge of life, I got an up close and personal view of those I loved being whisked by and flung over the edge.  I’m now back to 100% and doing well.  But, (isn’t there always a ‘but’), I missed all but one of those funerals and I missed a lot of my year.  I went out on my first Spring garden photo shoot yesterday and was struck by the cherry blossoms.  The last picture I have in my mind of what my life once was, was the day I last photographed them before all hell broke loose.  So for the next couple of weeks you may find me wandering amidst my mind and heart looking for answers, clues, or just taking simple diagnostics.  Just making sure I’m ok and still in one piece because as the days draw on until April 2nd I may probably crack here and there, but I will back track and pick up all the pieces that fall, make sure they are ok and put them back in place.  I’ll be fine.  Always am.  That’s what allows me to chew over the process, it can never break me.  I’m a big proponent of learning, growing and changing and that is what I’ll be doing.  So if you see me delving deep, It’s a good thing, not a sad thing.

So, there you have today’s drawing… Introspection.

Introspection © Britt Conley

Britt : )

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