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Grapple me this… and that

In the middle of numerous complex pieces in addition to being inundated with work.  So, this project slayer has fallen behind.  Mostly because I’ve been Facebooking too much to get away from the realities of grief.  But now all is see is a sea of commitments that are starting to rise up against me and deservedly so.  I am removing myself from the urge to over-Facebook for the more reasonable under-Facebooking for a while.  I am a survivalist and an over achiever and now is the time to break out my super-powers and save myself.  I have to slay this sea of expectation and get back to being the “go to it girl”

So, (yes, again I say, “so”), today’s drawing is me in my rocket ship on the left, traversing the spacial sea of all that needs doing.  Time to solo ride this bad boy and swing back around when I’m done.  This was a very quick and dirty sketch.  I didn’t put in the time required for more finesse.  Frankly I’m tired and it’s nearly 2:00 am.  I may re-do this with more precision, but, probably not.  It’s just me facing the realities of my situation and frankly, who needs the reminder?!  I’d rather hunker down and slay all my pending projects and then get some balance back in my life.  Aside from April 2nd, I am done letting grief dictate my way.  I’m giving myself the 2nd to implode one last last time.  That should be a very interesting drawing day.  Then, I start again.

Grapple me this... and that © Britt Conley

Britt : )



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