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Secured and Anchored

I am an easy mental traveler and Universe is my playground.  A fluid imagination can take me to far locals in a breath, however the things I need to do are here.  It’s not easy constraining myself, but I must.  I have stretched out my play time too far and even I see I have to cut the rubber band.  So I am caging myself and weighting the roof down to prevent myself from blowing it off, as I can so easily do.  This is the moment I need to focus on outstanding work projects.  This is it:  Go time.

Today’s drawing is me being constrained, rebalanced and secured well to my foundation… this ought to keep me from flying.  At least until I burst through again, but that will be a long while, as I have a lot to do!

Secured and Anchored © Britt Conley

Britt : )

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