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New Show, New Series.


Chord sounded by Britt Conley

A wonderful man popped by the studio this weekend asking numerous questions about my visualization structures which prompted an immediate delving discussion on sound-shapes, physics, aesthetics and all that we are exploring in common.  Before wrapping up, he added that he wasn’t leaving without one of the works.  At that point, I realized, I didn’t have that many works left to sell!  We wandered over to the few remaining graphite works and he happily chose my personification of the Duke Ellington Orchestra.   Only one remains from that series.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a scan of the work!  The digital age provides many a pit-fall if one does not back up ones files on a regular basis.

On the plus side, it means I’m busy as a bee working on filling the studio with an entirely new series for the next solo August, 8th show at the Workhouse Art’s Center.

Britt in her studio by Forrest MacCormack

All new vocabulary of musical constructs, complete with the usual ridiculous attention to detail…

Structural Detail by Britt Conley

The current project involves a new vocabulary imbued with musical mark-making that at no point overtly symbolize standard music symbolism.  Instead it addresses the complexities and nuance of music and it’s textural layered structure and relational aesthetic movement.


Drawing away by Forrest MacCormack

Enjoying the phrasings..


Phrasing by Britt Conley
Sketch detail by Britt Conley


Structure by Britt Conley

Much to do… The one below gets it’s own coloring and complexities.  Still far from done.


New work by Britt Conley

For this new show, I’m adding a new ceramic element to be displayed between paper works. These are my very first attempts at sculpture.  I’m rather enjoying the process. I hurt may hand in January and was unable to throw this entire time, which forced me to continue the semester’s ceramic class with hand-building.  After numerous hand-built bowls and plates, sculpture evolved out of mental necessity.  Once there, I was hooked.  These are not the best color images, but they serve to show the upcoming pieces.


Sculpture by Britt Conley

Quite a few sets to carry the same musicaly-structured theme.


Sculpture in progress by Britt Conley

There are months of work ahead followed by a good week of framing.  If all goes well, this too, shall be a success 🙂  Either way, it’s onto the next thing… as art often goes.  My hope is to make each show a unique time-based artistic endeavor.  This way, I can continue to evolve and creatively explore entirely new aspects of musicality.

If you are interested in stopping by the studio.  I reside in building 6, studio 608C at the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, VA, just off I-95.  My daytime hours are mostly on the weekends.


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