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Jazz Envisioned

Jazz Envisioned: A Collaborative Musical/Art Evening Featuring the Jazz Interpreted Paintings and Drawings of Britt Conley and the original jazz compositions of John Kocur, Kevin Pace, Gene D'Andrea and Cristopher Galvan from our opening on November 8th from 6-9pm at…

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So last night was one of those introspective evenings.  And of course this morning, I can't help but think, really?  You couldn't just read a book?  That said, things are clearer than they've been in a long time.  My biggest…

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Shimmers and Shakes

Been toggling between three canvases this week and really enjoying the process.  I love the hyper-focus of problem solving.  Turning, twisting and reconfiguring when technical or aesthetic obstacles arise.  Painting allows me those moments of  having to rise to the…

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