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So last night was one of those introspective evenings.  And of course this morning, I can’t help but think, really?  You couldn’t just read a book?  That said, things are clearer than they’ve been in a long time.  My biggest problem with the paintings is how long they take.  It’s painfully long process because I work wet onto dry in glazes.  This means a single work can take nearly a year at best case scenario.  So the time has come to pick a direction that doesn’t.

This particular option seems the way to go. Unlike the other works, this one took no time at all.  It’s still half realistic and half not, still geometric… (don’t know what my obsession is with geometrics but it permeates me), and I get to work freely and large with scenes in coffee shops or stage and studio life with friend’s bands.  Of course the fun thing about this style is the endless color opportunities and the freedom to sing.  The other works are far more constrained in the creation, although I do love their outcomes. This particular work is of a friend from my previous work life.  He was kind enough to pose for me, not once but twice.  The piece measures 36 x36 inches.

When envisioning a painting I always try to infuse an underlying essence that elevates the feel of the person’s persona. People tend to think this piece is about hope.  I wanted to capture that extraordinary exacting moment when a idea becomes fully actualized, three dimensional and all but done.  That stunning moment when an idea is suddenly spinable and envisioned with ease.  Depicting eyes of hope, require an underlying sadness, or place one is coming from, where as capturing potential is all about being impelled toward something greater.  In music it’s about pushing yourself not just to be on top of the beat but driving the feel of the beat so that you are out in front of it, like your surfing the front of a wave crest that pushes the listener into the next more settled transition.  To me that is how you capture potential and that moment where all things are possible.

Mr. Russell © Britt Conley

Britt : )

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