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Finally finished another painting

So, I got this commission in December of 09 and found I just couldn’t have it ready for a few weeks later.  I tried but no go.  Lesson learned it always takes at least six months for even the easier ones.  Well, as you know I was laid off in December and then I got very ill, then I had massive abdominal surgery, then my mom died etc… etc… etc.. So, I was not at my best and certainly not able to attend to this work as I had hopped.  That said, eight months later – It’s done.  It’s just as I’d hopped.  I have blurred the face in PhotoShop as to keep the identity of the sitter obscured.

This has been a wonderful commission to work on.  First it’s my first paying commission that isn’t from a relative.  It’s my first finished commission. No wait, second.  The first was a dog portrait which was rather fun…

Black and White Commission © Britt Conley

I still have the one from my Aunt!  Doah.  She is now getting the full easle space as soon as this one gets varnished and sent packing.  Just a couple of weeks away.  I needed this commission.  I had a show once at my relatives and nothing sold.  My prices were probably too high, but I didn’t know.  They were what they should be for a year or two of work per piece.  I have had several years of consistent difficulties that have prevented me from painting full time or even part time.  Now that I’m fully laid off, almost fully healthy from it all and fully happy I am able to “finish” the works I love.  And thank the Gods for the person who asked me one day If I could do a portrait of them in my geometric style and with cart blanch for the concept and creation.  I won’t be getting a lot for the work – money wise,  but, what this person gave me in self esteem and push is worth all the money in the world.  I can now say I am an artist.  Not a closet painter when I have the time.

I am heading onto to finish my Aunt’s piece and the other six non-commissioned pieces that I had sitters for.  I am sure now that they will all be done – Finally.  And then the next series, which is already in my eyes.

Britt : )

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