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Crossroad’s Gallery at Goodwin House

I just wanted to thank everyone for all your support and for coming out to see the works on March 6th at the Crossroad’s Gallery at Goodwin House.  As I said earlier, during my talk, musicians always have a dancing partner.  Generally they enjoying creating in groups.  Even when practicing alone, they still have the sounds outside their minds to accompany their efforts.  Artists work in a very silent world.  We think and create often in silence.  Our partner is the blank sheet and the philosophic play is generally stuck in our individual heads tap dancing about as we create. When done, we silently take our works, package them with a mat and frame and silently place them on the wall, where they reside in silence.  There is no way to truly in know our intent but can only hope that a person will say to themselves, “I hear you.”  It is at gallery openings that we may voice  our story, passions, explanations and the sort.  I appreciate this external and connected moment so very much.

Photo by Michael Rhode

Numerous new works were conjured up for this show at the Crossroads Gallery at Goodwin House in Fall’s Church, Virginia. This particular one is Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite.  I absolutely love his suite. When I was very young, I used to listen to this a lot.  My mother had a little record player for me and she would place the record and let me jump around trying to catch all the colors in the air that would populate my little visual world. This particular piece was instrumental in my philosophic journey.  Listening to it and all the composers at the time helped shape my desire to paint and draw all the various aspects of music throughout my life.  You can hear the piece here:

Britt’s show at the Crossroad’s Gallery at Goodwin House. Photo by Britt Conley

One of the other works that I’m working on is John Cage’s In a Landscape.  I just love his sounds.  The piece is an ode to his sounding forth into the Universe at large.  His notes are gifts, which he give away.  They are endlessly upward bound and off to the very stars.

John Cage: In a Landscape by Britt Conley
John Cage: In a Landscape by Britt Conley

Three paintings with music were enough for one reception.  Everyone seemed to enjoy listening and looking about the works.

Britt’s opening reception at the Crossroads Gallery. Photo by Micheal Rhode


Photo by Michael Rhode

Of course being able to answer questions about ones work, is always nice 🙂

Stravinsky by Britt Conley. Photo by Michael Rhode

Brought out some of my phrasing drawings for this show.

Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue by Britt Conley. Photo by Michael Rhode

Gershwin was flanked by some new phrasing drawings.

Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue by Britt Conley. Photo by Michael Rhode

Was also so fortunate to have so many people interested in they why’s and ways of  the music works.  That was really rewarding.  I don’t find public speaking easy.  So, simply having a willing audience is half the battle 🙂

Britt Conley speaking at her opening reception. Photo by Forrest MacCormack

Had a really lovely time with my father as we talked about my portrait of my grandmother holding me when I was a baby.

Britt Conley and Harald Malmgren at Britt’s opening reception. Photo by Forrest MacCormack

A special thanks to Anthony Brockman for asking me to come do a show and for being so kind, patient and organized.  It was a wonderful experience 🙂  Britt


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