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Doing some painting this weekend

Portrait in process © Britt Conley

I had a great five hour painting session last night on my last remaining painting commission.  But alas it has to dry.  So today I began my New Years Resolution to finish the last six portraits of friends of mine.  This one is no where near done but I signed it anyway so that I could show it a while back.  I know, never show an unfinished painting,  but the show was strictly friends and family : ) I actually thought it would be interesting for people to see the process.  Well, I find it interesting.  I am in the middle of putting on a thin gauze  white wash around the background.  Once dried it gets a lovely glaze of blue.   The Orange on the shirt gets an lovely overglaze of grey which will give it a warm grey to offset what will be a cool grey blue shirt once it also is fully glazed.  The foreground will also be colored over.  I spend my initial time on a work, calculating out the structure and use color as an underlaying map.  Then I glaze in the final layers atop.  It will be lovely when done.   There will also be a softening of the foreground pants and shirt as well.  But that is all done nearer to the end of the process, as will another sitting of the subject for the details of character that come in at the end. I’ve been working on this for a couple of hours this evening and I can’t wait for it to dry.  Looks like the next round will have to wait for a few days as it dries.  ‘Til then I can always draw : )


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