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2011: a year of structuring

Unfinished portrait © Britt Conley

Well, we all know how hard I was hit last year.  2010 is almost the year that never was.   It seems all I managed to do was heal from surgery and deal with all those losses and then top it off with that darn kidney stone.  LOL  Well, enough is enough.  I’ve made my resolutions.  Unlike most, once I’ve made a decision I tend to stay steadfast with it until it’s completion.  This year I am finishing those unfinished portraits.   Today I spent about five hours painting over the previous version of the portrait below.  Being that its wet, this is all I can do today.  The rest will have to wait until later in the week when all is dry again.  These are the black and white or grisaille  under-layers.  I will add the color glazes once the work is all but complete in monochrome. These first layers are soft and undefined.  I get more sharp edges and details and the next few months of layers emerge.  It’s a process when you work wet on dry.  The sitter is pregnant in this work and will have a lovely semi-transparent dress on when all is done.  I know what it will look like but it is far from that vision now. But this is a great structural start and a-painting-I-shall-go.

Britt : )

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