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Menagerie Musique

Menagerie Musique by Britt Conley


Creating a lot of drawings for my next show, set for the 2nd Saturday in August.  Exploring, examining and enjoying some graphite.  This one was going to be donated to The Workhouse Arts Center Collector’s Showcase, but I was under the weather this week and wasn’t able to get to a mat cutter in time.  I ended up donating a previous drawing I had on hand about making new friends.  This drawing is part of a bunch of works developing from outside my artistic shell – these days.  In the middle of a ‘just me at the time’ stage.  This work represents the fun of musicality, the elements are characters, lining up for a parade of potential and yet, just being.  Musicality for fun’s sakes. It is a simple reflection of the fun I’m having drawing and painting music at the moment.  Drawing should be a party.  At least on occasion 🙂

Menagerie Musique by Britt Conley


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