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Vase 9 x 10 Graphite on toned paper
Vase 9 x 10 Graphite on toned paper

The anticipation of a rain filled day turned as blue sky suddenly emerged.  Despite this I was going to stay indoors and draw today.  One of the tough things about my schedule is that I get home so late that often I only have time to whip out a sketch.  For that reason I try to flesh out a good drawing at least once a week on the weekend when time is free as the day is long.  Today’s drawing is a vase.  I was asked to do something for a silent auction and realized that painting would simply take to long, so a drawing it is.  I am anticipating a nice mat and frame for this ought to do ok?  I have time to keep working on it and getting more subtlety over the next week.   But for tonight it’s a wrap.

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