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Counter Weights and Balances

A lovely, lovely day in the studio.  Currently working on a massive jazz series.  It’s only 4 works, but they are large and infinitely chewable, which means complexity abounds.  Not the best for deadline work! But the best for me 🙂 I’m still drawing away quietly in little corners and in the occasional coffee shop and restaurant.  Mostly I’m in my studio on the weekends/evenings at The Workhouse Arts Center. My studio is the open door…

My Studio... open door, on the left.

One of the most wonderful aspects to tooling about the room creating, is that the studio is open to the public, which means, people can wander about, ask questions and even purchase ones work when they least expect it: like today 🙂

Counter Weights and Balances by Britt Conley

A lovely couple came in and wandered about the room and headed out.  They each appeared again separately and then finally together.  They seemed very nice and I was happy to see them take some time to enjoy all the studios in the building.  Unexpectedly the wife came in and mentioned she was buying one of  my drawings.  I was so happy!  It’s going to a lovely home, I am sure.  This one is one of my all time favorites and had they not bought it, it was destined to come home with me 🙂  It’s about life, managing balance while being fluid, strong, delicate, poised, etc.  Life requires we have counter weights and balances and these  allow for a lovely elegance of potential 🙂 This was drawn in November while I was managing to balance all that has come my way 🙂  It reminds me, all things are possible.  Just have to find balance to fly 🙂  The drawing was part of my 1st public show at the Workhouse.


November Show 1 2013 by Britt Conley

It’s really a joy to know there are art lovers out and about who want to see my work on their wall.  So rewarding and still surprising 🙂

November Drawing Show 2013 by Britt Conley

Working hard for my next show, again in November! This time, paintings and drawings – all on Jazz!  More explanation to come…

Britt 🙂

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