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You are missed Potempkin


The Duck 6 x 8" Graphite on paper
The Duck 6 x 8" Graphite on paper

I had a rough morning and day.  Our cat Potempkin (yes that is how we spell it) of fourteen years passed away.  We stayed with her until the end at the vet’s and although we knew this was coming, it was entirely sudden.  Last night she was playing with her favorite beanie babie duck; throwing in the air and running around while I stood painting and smiling with her.   This duck has been with her for years.  I remember finding Steve sitting on the bed one day poking the stuffing back in the duck and lovingly sewing it back up and giving it to the cat.  She would carry that duck around everywhere.  I even found her in the bath tub one day, duck at her side.  So in memory of Potempkin, I have drawn her best friend, and now ours, the duck.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your kitty. I have two cats now that i adore and have lost a couple in the past. My condolences. It’s hard losing those little guys.

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