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So, here we are… or here I am.   I have survived all that has come my way and am now settled in a bit more, relaxed and with time to consider which plans, paths, ideas and journeys to traverse.  It’s a whole new frontier for me.  I am but a small bug in a vast open land of the unknown.  Who’s to say what lies before me… everything, little things, great things?  I have finally ordered the supplies needed to get started on my Christmas presents: drawings, all.

These are the experiments in a new medium that will determine how I go forward on the my new massive scaled artworks.  Still looking at papers and their nuances.  The two big drawing projects, after my Christmas presents are enlargements of some of the daily drawings I’ve done but made large scale and finessed on a beautiful rag paper.  The other is drawing music.  Something I do quite often.  This time in a massive scale.  I am really looking forward to getting lost in the sounds and making the shapes and effects of those sounds visible, chewable and feel-able in a sensual way.  I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.  Sometimes the best made plans can be transformed in a moment and I hope to have many moments ahead as I focus yet again on creating these new works.

Traverse © Britt Conley


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