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The Proverbial Horse

I have finally found my proverbial horse.  You all probably remember him… I’ve mentioned his running amuck after I fell off, now and again on this blog. LOL.  To be honest, I was beginning to wonder if I’d ever see him.  But, as luck would have it, my life is finally settling down, my new job is working out well, my home is turning into just that and my new art supplies (the ones I’ve been waiting to get for weeks), have finally arrived.  Today was the first time I’ve taken them for a spin.  This drawing is their first test.  Granted, I haven’t quite gotten the hang of water and the subsequent bleeding of the medium but I do see tremendous possibilities.  Today is the first day in a new direction.  I have picked a path and am on my way.  As as art clearly imitates my life… I’d say this is a phenomenal way to start.

As for the drawing… the paper is a new watercolor paper that just arrived.  I’ve never worked on it before.  It’s still a bit toothy for me… may have to go hot press next.  Being that I like a clean harmoniously diffused attack, this is a bit messy for my standards.  But, being that it’s the first one of it’s kind and a test, I’ll get over it. My guess is I’ll be concentrating most of my creative energies taming the medium toward my will and in that end, creating some delicate clean works in the future. : )

The Proverbial Horse © Britt Conley


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