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Protographic Play

Testing my new media.  Today… wrong paper.  LOL.  I’d say I’m mostly annoyed but I’m really just ‘muchly’ annoyed, mostly because I can easily turn this into an oil painting.  That is the great thing about sketching… it’s honestly meant as step one in an otherwise longer process.  As for my testing, well this was a fail.  The water warped up the paper into a warbled mess in addition to streaking and pooling badly.  The pencil couldn’t be evenly handled a top the water soluble affected paper surface.  Not my finest hour in terms of working deftly.  Had this been entirely in pencil, it would be phenomenal.  That said, I got over it and decided to just kept going.  400 series is simply too thin.  The previous water color paper works well but is a bit toothier than I’d like.  So, the testing journey continues.  This may take up some time.  Hopefully, I’ll continue to arrive at good things along the way.  I am having fun.

Protographic Play © Britt Conley

Britt : )

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