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A Cosine of the Times

The political environment currently boasts a big top cavalcade of clown school graduates wrestling musical chairs from one another on the one side, while the other is enjoying a good cup of coffee over the Sunday Times.  November 8th is fast approaching and marking the start of this season’s ‘Election Year Shenanigans’  I thought I’d seen it all but my guess is, I’m about to be down right flabbergasted.  Here’s to a new season of American politics and the badly casted reality show it will bring : )  It’s a zoo out there!  The ‘A’ in the lower left is for the word, ‘Anybody’.  I’m pretty sure he’s going to be front and center in most water cooler and media discussions : ) I’ve heard he could be amazing!  No matter how crazy this gets… I’ll still be watching every debate and keeping a keen eye on history unfolding… we are living in some amazing times : )

A Cosine of the Times © Britt Conley


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