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Penguins © Britt Conley

Spent the later half of today drawing over at Corner Bakery.  Being that it’s literally next door and that they offer endless table space, it’s the easy go-to.  Most of the drawings are done out of doors in various coffee shops. The music is usually nice, the tea is fine and  I’m partial to drawing where the menu is worth while.  All in all the environment offers the ambiance to wash away the day and just feel the pencils move under me.  It’s like being on a boat and I’m just leaning on the railing.

If I had a boat and a place to go… I’d probably want to go somewhere where there are penguins.  Love penguins… they’re so darn cute.  Of course my favorite birds are puffins, but they’ll have to make an appearance some other day.  Today we have two penguins huddled together happily hanging out.  Seemed like a good idea at the time : )

Britt : )

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