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120 Days

It’s finally come, the certified mail envelope we’ve been waiting for.  We officially received our 120 days notice to pack and be ready to move in order for the landlords to come in and gut the apartment as part of the big renovation here.  Life just got a whole lot more complicated.  But that’s ok.  I can do complicated better than most.  Moving however,  does come with it’s own on-the-fly footwork and a side of ahhhhhhh!  Atleast this ship is moving and hopefully with forward momentum!  Currently setting sail from the year of destruction toward the year of construction.  The sails are up and the purging, organizing and envisioning has begun.  The big question?  Where will all my paintings go!!! LOL!  I’m going to need flats to house all these drawings!  We’re going to need a lot of boxes!!!

As for today’s drawing… That little circle in the upper left is me.  Everything else is what I’m confronted with.  I plan to handle it with dexterity and laser decision making.  Let’s do this thing!

Complexity © Britt Conley

Britt : )

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