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A Process in Two

I really have just two stages in an abstract drawings development. The structure and the fill.  There are two aesthetics taking place.  One engages the beauty of line and negative space, the other brings the feel and depth of the aesthetic. These are four of the dozen circles that were designed the other day.  I’ll be finishing up the rest this week.  Probably at a pace of four per day.  These will be amazing on canvas with entirely different effects.. effects that only oils can bring.  I should be able to begin the paintings in about six months or so.  Looking at 4 to 5 feet across for each.  We’ll see if I can afford the canvases.  There is that.  These images are great examples of what I see when I’m drawing structure: the finished product and beyond the line, how the space will breath, where the values will go and what feel the images will have.  Below today’s “fill in” are the original dozen line drawings from the other day’s post.  Just offering up a before and after for those very few who actually read this. : ) LOL  Thanks, whoever you are : )

Circles © Britt Conley


Drawing out new ideas © Britt Conley

Britt : )

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