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Animals: It’s a twofer.

I have two animal related drawings for the day.  First: For some bizarre reason I was thinking about those mechanical rides we used to sit in in front of the grocery store today.  It seems like they were always 25 cents, or maybe that’s what we still needed to afford the ride.  They came in every form, rocket ships, ducks, fire trucks, horses, swans, boats, wales, cars… this list could probably go on for days.  No matter what grocery store we went to, there were rides waiting and I always wanted to ride in the rocket ship!  Despite this I had empathy for the animal rides.  After all, who was going to ride them with a rocket ship right there.  I was a rather empathetic child.  So I tried to mix it up and make sure the other’s got their time.

Rocket Ride © Britt Conley

Second: I somehow managed to meander over to other animal memories from art and literature and fondly remembered Animal Farm.  That thought was just enough to inspire my Animal Puppet Show.  I know, keep laughing …   : )  Just kidding.  I rather like it.  Probably should have gone a bit more literal though. Don’t bother asking my brain what’s it’s up to.  What ever it is, it’s having a nice break.  I do like the lower right quadrant.  I may have to crop that into it’s own painting with some slight alterations.

Animal Farm Puppet Show © Britt Conley

Britt : )

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