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Bass Octave in D

I’ve been playing my ukulele into the wee hours from months now.  It’s going rather well.  Now that I’m writing my own melodies upon it, I keep finding how much I love the lower end: D in particular.  It’s become my little home.  I resonates well.  C works well as a fundamental launching point but D has a warmth to it.  Being that it’s a concert ukulele, everything unfortunately resides in upper registers more than I’d like, but then again, that is part of the instrument’s allure… it’s optimistic, bright, playfulness.  I miss the bass however.  I want the counter balance to poise the heights of the lighter sounds.  A bass or guitar is coming.

So, Today’s drawing is of that surrounding fullness and warmth of D: warmer, lower and resonating.  I’ll get those octaves… I just have to wait : ) Oh and for those who can find the bass… upper left is the swirl top, middle to bottom is the left and right sides disjointed.

Bass Octave in D © Britt Conley

Britt : )

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