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From Frustrated to Fantasia

So after yesterday’s therapeutic and frustrated drawing rant I decided to take said drawing and render it. Funny enough I had envisioned something else entirely, but ended up deciding to go with a far more graphic feel than the fine art one I was planning. The structure was begging for it. The outcome is far more fantastical and reminds me of fantasia.

On a side note: I’m not the kind of person who opens up about how I think and feel about things, unless it’s an intellectual endeavor. I never had until this past year. So this is new for me. But with all that has happened, this is my way of attempting to cope and deal with everything that keeps coming my way. It’s also my way attempting some huge changes in my life. Being more accessible is one of them. I’ve opened my life up far more publicly and yet with what I decide is public. I still have my beloved privacy with those things that actually matter. So this blog has it’s therapeutic uses and I’m using them. Being that there are so few who actually see it, it makes it even easier, so that is good as well. I guess what I’m saying is I blather on each day with a drawing for my own benefit.  Mostly because using an actual journal is just not me.  It just seems silly.

So back to today’s rendering… it’s a bit messy. I’ll be re-doing this larger and with far more finesse. I’ll soon be enlarging a selection of these daily drawings and bringing them up to about 20 inches or so and redrawing them exactingly smooth for a possible show. It’s a start and I can work on them over the next few months despite the moving chaos. Then I can get started on my abstract canvas series while continuing on with the portraits.  My plans in a nut shell.

From Frustrated to Fantasia © Britt Conley



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