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A Light in the House of Britt

Fascinating morning.  For the first time in 15 months I woke up fully focused and feeling like I was actually living my life and not visiting someone else’s.  After laying there, gently squeezing my temples, I got up and walked about all the paintings in my studio/livingroom and began envisioning a flash round of layers, new works and plan.  Apparently the boat I was set adrift on for these long months has inexplicably started up.  Oddly, I don’t want to head back home, (where I was), but instead, want to set off to whatever I can be.  I’m ready to start drawing the blueprints for the house of Britt.  So there is my morning and today’s drawing.  A Light in the House of Britt.  There’s balance, calm, and a light that hangs.  This work represents a new space in my compartmentalized mind.  I shall be visiting it often over the months to come as I design and build my way.  This will make a great canvas. And for added pleasure I’m including a work by Bill Frisell I spend a lot of time with and hope to paint my new abstract series with.


A Light in the House of Britt © Britt Conley

Britt : )


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