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Building thoughts of what?

I’d love to have something brilliant to say here, but I’m afraid I’m all out today.  Been preoccupied with my father’s safety in Japan, which had appeared secure until the nuclear threat popped up.  Trying not to be a worrier but with few family left, I hold on to them with far greater care now.

Today’s drawing was begun a few days ago.  Despite being rather simplistic, it’s the first drawing in a year or so that has vexed me and how.  I decided to go with the flow on this one and it got away from me.  The space became unbalanced and began teetering me with it.  I have a thing about spatial division.  I’ve had numerous drawings of late that are just past my limit for balance but I’ve been so busy with other things that they are left to be.  Changes, I’ve decided can happen at a later date when transferring them to canvas.  I consider spatial division a thing of beauty and a jov of process. This however is not. I completely reconfigured one entire section only to find I could keep rolling around the space doing the same.  The structure is not sound and I never should have begun building.  Because of this, the work is now doable, but has lost all purpose and If anything I am purposeful when I create.  The piece began as space meets toys, but as it became re-worked the toys and space fell away with each erasing.   Now they are just a memory and will have to wait another day.  The work is now a design more on the feel of a mural than a statement.   There are some lovely sections here, but most are on the left 2/3rds.  If I keep this for later use, I may just have to chop off the right hand side or add another 1/4 and reconfigure the space.  I am used to declaring myself upon a space and this was more of a stumble and fix.  I’ve brought it to a point where at least there is some comfort level in posting it, but that comfort ebbs with each consideration.  So I am posting it now before I change my mind.  On the plus side, and there is always a plus side… it could easily be put into five separate canvases with each working wonderfully.  One bit of fun is imagining where the crops are.  I have them all figured out.  Not sure if anyone else enjoys cropping, but if you do, this one is a treat for the process.  It has great potential for some many works.

Building thoughts of what? © Britt Conley

My thoughts go out to everyone who has friends or family in Japan.  I hope, whomever they are, they are safe.


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