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Wackadoo: The Story of Woodland’s Whereabouts

Left to my own devices I like to skip about from thought to thought and drawing to drawing.  Today I just wanted to have fun.  Here we have our forest with numerous fanciful creatures about, including a peacock up in a tree.  I particularly enjoyed making the Jackalope and frankly adore the baby king penguin…(second to right). What I do love about this is that none of the characters are in their final context.  I imagine they are all back stage in front of the final forest background set awaiting their curtain call, practicing their lines and getting in to character.  The show would be entertaining and very much in the present, with all the seriousness each character could offer.  I would love to see their play : )  Would love to paint their sets. : )  I should add, for context’s sake that Woodland is the formal last name name of the baby penguin, although those in the forest all call him Wackadoo 🙂

Wackadoo: The Story of Woodland's Whereabouts © Britt Conley

Britt : )

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