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The Waltz of Things

One of the reasons my posts have significantly slowed down of late is that I’ve been packing up 16 years of my world.  I was supposed to move in just a couple of weeks but we all received a reprieve just the other day until September!  Pretty funny if you ask me.  I’ve always loved moving!  I love a clean slate, change, and opportunity.  But with everything that’s happened the past year and a half, I’ve found packing up the past pretty darn painful. I don’t normally do painful, but here we are.  Everything I own has to be looked at, twirled about and considered before making it into the inner sanctum of boxes that will go with me.  What I’m finding after looking at all these items is that I’m complicated.  My reasoning, my interests, my joys are all complex.  And I am now forced to simplify.  There is no grey in stay or go.  The nice thing about all this however, is looking into each box before it gets lidded, and seeing just those precious items staring back at me.

Today’s drawing began days ago.  But it’s a very complex design and not one I jotted off quickly.  It represent all the boxes currently strewn about and the wonderful little worlds in each. They’re are some wonderful moments here and there in the design that I may just pluck out and recombine for another work.  I’ve never done that before.  Each work is always its own from start to finish.  But I’m rolling the idea around of crossing works and even keeping throw-aways after listening to an interview with my favorite writer the other day.  My brain is vehemently against it, I can’t stand copying and copying from myself is just as bad. My mind wants the instant spoken moment as it uniquely marked upon the space.  My heart however is inclined to feel what a new approach would offer.  How would the space change?  How would the line be altered and would there end up being a complete recombination of a moment based on a collaborative collage of sorts. I don’t know.  Part of me is still shirking at the idea.  It seems wrong and almost like cheating the moment or the new.  But I’m going to give it it’s 15 min of fame and see what develops this next week.  We’ll see.  Could be amazing, could feel ethically horrible.  Either way it looks like I’m setting up for a good internal brawl!  Now that would be interesting.  On an off note… I would LOVE to add one more set of divvied spaces throughout in a lightly laid down medium blue colored pencil.  On canvas this would be soooo different and amazing.  But to huge to consider at the moment.  This needs a good 8 feet to do it justice.

The Waltz of Things © Britt Conley

Britt 🙂

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