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Here, There and Everywhere

I’ve been a bit busy but am still managing to get my drawing in here, there and just about everywhere I can.  Today I was able to work on this while monitoring Open Sketchbook Time at school.  It’s a couple of hours of open drawing time for students to work on still-lifes or their own thing.  I bring donuts and some great music mixes.  I do love it and love when eager artists come by to just hang and create and learn while working on this and that.  Mostly, however, I draw a near daily basis, out and about in local coffee shops or the local Corner Bakery near my home.  At the local Corner Bakery I have a favorite table, everyone knows me and is more than happy to let me stay well after closing and they have great tea.  Most importantly the music is good.  I tend to move and groove a bit as I draw, so music is key. Ambience is paramount to a good sketch.

This particular sketch was a bit unwieldy, which called for taping it down to a board and this particular board is one of my pride and joys.  It’s so soft to the touch it’s practically addictive.  Had it commissioned by Jason McClellan, a great wood working artist who at the time worked for Artisan Woods.  He did a lovely job with the basic specs I asked for.  Most drawing boards have a hole at the top providing a handle and additionally are either too small or way to big.  I wanted a board that was hole-less and “juuuuust right size wise : ) ”  This picture doesn’t do justice to the wood coloring or the wonderfully rendered soft surface.  He smoothly beveled the edges as well.  It’s just a joy to simply hold and caress.  All in all has made drawing even nicer and yes, apparently that is possible.

I’ll write more about this particular drawing next time… when it’s done : )

Drawing set up by Britt Conley

Britt : )

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