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Effervescent Dreams

Time has flown by with such tremendous gusto that it’s been all I can do to hang by its tail.  So much has been going on that getting my drawing time in has been fairly difficult… much to my chagrin.  Today I received a reprieve of sorts and found myself with a little time on my hands.  A nice change after watching so much of it slip through my fingers.

Today’s drawing is about one of the things I’m in particular need of at this particularly busy juncture of my life: a bit of Effervescence.  Frankly I’d even take it in a glass… preferably Perrier Jouet.   That would hit the spot about now.  Today’s drawing is the structure… tomorrow I’ll massage some graphite into it.  Overall it’s a bit different… was thinking more about effervesce than my usual focus on line and space.  A bit more illustrative than I like to go but I needed to let lose and this certainly did the trick.  Also has spot lit my general preoccupation with capturing a moment in space and constraining it.  This work has far more movement and is not about the design or the posterity of that design.  Has me thinking about where new directions I should consider going next.

Tonight, I’m painting… hitting the ole oils on canvas and it feels great.  Updating one of my previously posted paintings.  There is a section that has always bothered me and now is the time to perfect it.  If all proceeds in a timely manner I’ll be able to submit it to the faculty art show next week.  Here’s hopping : )

Well, I do hope to be drawing more frequently for a week or two and then I may be under the gun one more time.  However, this time next month I will finally be available for the a surge in works… both graphite and painted.  : )

Effervescent Dreams © Britt Conley

Have a lovely evening : )


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