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Well Positioned Once Again

Three days of warm comforting heat, the sounds of whisting winds from the back yard and more home cooking and the joys of stirring than I’ve had in a while.  Loving my new home.  The studio is still being set up, books are going into my library section of the livingroom and I’m creating an actual Gallery space for my paintings.   It’s not much size wise, but it is a huge and wonderful improvement after the little two bedroom jobby all these years. The space is lovely and I have a real palpable calm here.

Managed to get out and about and see some of the local offerings…  found a local coffee house/bakery and set up shop and drew a self portrait.  I wanted to find out what the new environment would bring.   The new drawing place has good food and tea, perfectly volumed music, ambiance and an outlet plug at every table.  : )

As self portraits go, I particularly love this work.  For the few that have followed the progression of these over the past couple of years, this one stands out.  Foremost, I am newly buttressed and am enclosed in an almost blanketed environment, which is this new lovely space… it feeds my creative wants.   I’m churning up a great deal of creative energy as we speak and  am finally back on top…  riding the wave that is what I make it. All is well balance and beautifully positioned for more.  This move has been the change I’ve been looking for – A place providing a natural spring board to create – It does.  I’m home.  And I am where I need to be to move forward.

Well Positioned Once Again © Britt Conley

Britt : )

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