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Down but not out

At home fighting a cold today.  I guess all was not well on the Western front when I stopped the cold eez the other day… boy has it kicked back!  I am limb tired and spending most of the day horizontal.  No matter how much rest I have, I wake up long enough to return to horizontal. So there you have my current predicament.

Being that I don’t know how to do bored, I thought drawing might just require the least effort on my limbs… unpacking being the other option which clearly is not going to happen; tired just making my cup of tea.  So here you have my feeble drawing of the day.  I couldn’t bring an abstract.  So I made up a man.  Like I do.  Hope whoever is reading this is having a far better time of it.

As for the drawing? I simply don’t have the energy mental or otherwise to imbue any power into anything.  Our man is delicate as am I today.  I think he might just have a cold… if the hat is any indication : )

Down but not out © Britt Conley


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