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Transposing Me

I’m currently head deep within an amazing project drawing and painting music.  As with the last post on this project, this image is about it’s impact my journey during this new and expansive time.  This is one of the most creative moments in my life and working through visualizing music from the inside out is transposing my brain into an entirely new state of action/thinking.  Oddly, I’ve been dreaming some of my solutions.  Upon waking up in the middle of the night I find numerous ideas laid out before me and hop down to my drawing table to begin jotting everything down like a mad person before it falls away.  Even odder is that the process of all this chewing between music and art has brought the opposite as well.  I’m suddenly keenly aware of music in a whole new light and finding myself inside some of my favorite writers works and seeing entirely new relations between their works I never noticed before.  The threads of their thought process are structuralizing themselves and it’s a joy stumbling head first into some amazing unique vocabulary and sentencing.  Mostly I am enjoying the reconfiguring of my brain… it is altering and I am finding myself transposing to a whole new scale and key: A lovely place I’ve never visited before.  I know these moments are transient so I’m plucking every last spin-able concept while I can.  In a few weeks and over months I’ll begin transferring them onto paper and canvas; hopefully making them sing for themselves.

As for the drawing… I’m considering cutting this into two parts and putting the two onto a good 60″ deep paper or canvas.

Transposing Me © Britt Conley


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