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The Percussionist

Well, I’ve had a crazy a week, so am a bit discombobulated.  I’m also hyper focused on this musical score I’m visually dissecting with a few other works with the finest tooth comb I own… thus I’m up all hours each night considering every aural nuance of every sound and rhythm and etching it within my visual vocabulary. That said, I’m having the time of my life in that regard.  Of course it’s now hard not to dismantle everything I hear to this end. As a drummer, I’m incredibly sensitive to rhythm placement and the breathable space it could and should be placed as opposed to the standard nail on the head spots that fill all those drum books galore and I’ve been listening to a lot of great drumming this week as well.  So, all these things are floating about the noggin… my kit is in storage, and therefore, I can only draw how I feel about it all and this is what I’ve selected.  Something familiar and yet iconically removed: a percussionist.

The irony is that I was not going to bother to post this on FB or even here.  I tend to leave my more crazy-complex works off because they probably make me look like a crazy person, which is the last thing I need. That said, I went ahead despite this and bizarrely, people are responding.  It’s nice.  Well, it’s better than nice.  I’m actually a bit shocked.  Seriously. It’s a great end to a difficult week and nice to see the one thing I do that matters more to me than anything isn’t just always going to be exclusively between me, my pencil and paper.  So thanks to all who have posted over there… really.  I am humbled and surprised.

The Percussionist © Britt Conley

Britt : )

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