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Well, it’s been long while since I’ve posted. I was homebound with the flu and then simply busy catching up : )  I’ve been drawing up a storm working on a massive drawing/painting project.  It’s the one I keep referring to.  It is the most challenging, creatively focused and inspired series I’ve ever worked on.  I can’t post any of the preliminary drawings, the plan nor the execution… I’m afraid it’s going to have to wait and possibly a good year before I’m ready.  So while I am up drawing at all hours of the night and setting up my color tests and re-spinning various conundrums, I haven’t actually been available for a regular ole’ drawing in a while.  I’m attempting to rectify this by carving the necessary regular time back into my schedule.  So here you have Games.  It should, hopefully, speak for itself.  This is the first sketch and done on fairly flimsy paper.  I’ll enlarge this to a good 18×24 inch acid free paper and really render it well for that final version.  I see it as a painting.  If feels good to draw again.  This was simply wonderfully relaxing.

Games © Britt Conley

Britt : )

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