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Mobius Stripped

Spending nearly all my drawing hours working on the new project that will be taking up much of the year.  One the great things about it is that it’s a serious brain wrap that comes with all the mental sit ups and various other cerebral exercise positions… all of which hurt.  LOL.  Seriously.  To refresh and take a mental break I’ve been working on the opposite: a bunch of enclosed shapes that are part of yet another drawing project. In these, I’m looking into shape and form itself.  The previously mentioned project is wrought with using a very different shapely line in service of a larger idea.  They are all open.  I prefer closed shapes myself, but these have no linear duration… these are simply endlessly fixed in time by the sheer fact they are contained within a boarder.  I think of these as Mobius strips unfurled and striped of their stagnant cycling.  The main thing is that they offer some relief to a very mentally challenging visual project.  I have many more of these from this week alone.  Shading them in as time allows.  They make a nice series.

Mobius Stripped © Britt Conley


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